BOX OFFICE: How Much Did Ice Age 4 Make/Gross In It's Opening Weekend Box Office? A Disappointing $46 Million

Now $46 million is a lot of money to make/gross in an opening weekend in 3,879 theatres, but for an animation such as Ice Age 4, $46 million is a bit poor. According to previous box office listings for 2012, all the animations this year made between $50-$70 million, so Ice Age 4 really disappointed. What makes it more disappointing is that it made much less than its previous 2D installment IA: The Meltdown made a $68M debut opening on a Friday.

So from those statistics it is plain to see that it didn't live up to its standards, but the fact that it has an A- Cinemascore means that it should make a lot of money in its second weekend box office, but with Dark Knight on its way to suck the life out of the box office, I think the Ice Age is over.