BOX OFFICE: How Much Did The Dark Knight Rises Make/Gross On It's Opening Day? An Epic $77.2 Million.

Now, it has not really been finalized that The Dark Knight Rises made $77.2 million on its opening day, because Warner Bros Pictures and Rentrak have decided not to report the amount. This may be because of the shootings that occurred in the Colorado movie theatre on Friday.

However, it isn't very hard to make professional assumptions on ticket sales and the number of theatres that the film was released in. So from 4,404 domestic theatres, and from the estimated amount of ticket sales, it can be calculated that The Dark Knight Rises made around $77.2 million on its opening day. This is a little less than estimated, but it still grossed the 3rd best all time opening day and the number one 2D in one day.

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