BOX OFFICE: How Much Did The Dark Knight Rises Make/Gross In It's Opening Midnight Screenings? Surpasses Marvel's The Avengers, By $8 Million.

It's really too early to say if The Dark Knight Rises will surpass The Avengers this weekend, but we do know that it surpassed it in midnight sales. The Chris Nolan flick has easily beaten the midnight opening set by The Avengers by a few million, $8 million to be exact.

The Avengers made an epic $18.4 million in it's midnight screening while The Dark Knight Rises made an outstanding $30.64million, which is like $8 million more. Also The Dark Knight Rises also already has $30 million in pre-sales and $10.4 million in international grosses in 9 countries. Therefore if you do the maths, The Dark Knight Rises has a worldwide gross of $70+ million before it's wide release.

"You want to know what makes this more embarrassing for The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises is in 2D.....hahhahahahahaha." Quote by Trinikid

After doing some estimates, Hollywood came up with the conclusion that The Dark Knight Rises will set a new weekend record with grosses between $185-$210 million. That will make The Dark Knight, the highest grossing film for its opening weekend. I'm eager to see what happens this weekend, are you?

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