BOX OFFICE: How Much Did The Amazing Spiderman Make/Gross On It's Opening Day? An Amazing $35 Million

The Amazing Spiderman opened on July 3rd domestically and totally shattered the box office with an amazing $35 million. Now $35 is actually the highest record set on a Tuesday with the previous being the original Transformers which grossed $27.8 million on it's opening Tuesday. $35 million is not $80 million, "obviously," but remember, it opened during the week.

The film opened in 4,318 theatres around North America, and was actually suppose to be a kind of secret as Sony Pictures was very quiet about it. Eventhough The Amazing Spiderman did better than the Avengers in some of the international markets that it opened in with an international gross of $50.2 million, the studio remained hushed. But when a film makes $7.5 million in midnight shows and goes on to make $35 million on a Tuesday, it should be broadcasted to the world. Don't you think?

"It's going to be really hard to compare The Amazing Spiderman to any of the big films that came out this yea, like Hunger Games and The Avengers, because it opened on a Tuesday, damn. It is usually harder for a film to make more than $9 million on during the week, so $35 million is definitely a crazy amount. I'm actually looking forward to see the film." Quote by Trinikid