TECH: Ryan Higa Launches Online Competition Called Internet Icon. Is It A Good Idea?

Who doesn't know about Ryan Higa? If anyone doesn't know who he is, then I can safely say that you are living under a rock. He is like the Tom Cruise of Youtube, or the Madonna of Youtube, or the Jay Z of Youtube, or even the Youtube of Youtube. He's the biggest thing in the internet world right now, excluding Ray William Johnson from the equasian.

Anyway, enough about him, let's talk about Ryan A few days ago Ryan Higa launched his new internet talent show called internet icon. It's like American Idol, but for YouTubers, and it involves a few thousand people sending in their videos to be critiqued by the judges. The judges are Ryan Higa, Christine Lakin and a few guest judges such as Jenna Marbles etc. The host is Chestersee.

So with all that said, do I think that Internet Icon is a good idea? I think that it's an awesome idea, and it has the makings to become just as big as those other talent shows, you know, American Idol, ABDC, Xfactor and The Voice. I won't be surprised if next year, the show is aired on Television, NBC perhaps.

Anyway, in the light of all things YouTube, this competition may just provide the opportunity for those Youtubers who have been struggling to get an audience. Because as you know, YouTube has become saturated with videos that no matter how good you are, your chances of being found is little to none. So Internet Icon is now a great way to be found, and even though a YouTuber doesn't win, they still get an audience that they so desperately wanted. So there is no losing when competing in the competition so there is nothing to lose.

I give Ryan Higa's idea a 5 out of 5. It's the most creative thing to come out of Youtube since the dawn of the YouTubers, and I wish that I had thought of I will be following the competition intensely and I will be occasionally writing about it, so don't forget to subscribe to Bloggers Inc by Trinikid by clicking here