TECH: League Of Legends' Darius Review

It's time for some gaming and tech talk here on Bloggers inc by Trinikid. I recently started loving MMO games, and the best MMO ever in my opinion is League of Legends. So from now on I'll be writing some reviews and tips about the game from my knowledge.

So to kick off the League of Legend reviews I will start by reviewing the newest champion called Darius, The Hand Of Noxus. I have bought the champion and played a few games with him and if it's one thing that I realised is that Darius is a very overpowered champion. What makes him overpowered is his ultimate and his passive. His ultimate, Noxian Guillotine,  deals a ton of true damage so he can easily take down tanks and anyone else. His ultimate may sometimes drain more than half of your HP without even him building any ability power. If i'm one on one with a Darius and he has half of his HP while I have full, I still think twice before confronting, knowing that his ultimate can easily bring me back down to size. However I have been very successful against Darius with Champions such as Warwick, Olaf and Master Yi.

His passive is also very overpowered because it acts as a sort of ignite because it slowly drains life and can stack up to five times. So getting away from Darius with a low HP is only a fleeting relief as your champion will soon bleed to death.

So overall, I think that Darius is a great champion to buy because he can  lead any team to victory. I have yet seen a game where a Darius doesn't carry a team and run the show. He can be that champ to turn games around. He is also a great team fighter because he can help a team quickly annihilate the champion of focus and pull a heap of champions in with his Apprehend, causing the Mages and AD Carry's to go in for the kill.

Time to rate Darius. Out of 5, I will give Darius a 4 out of 5. I don't think that Darius is much of a fair champion because of his ultimate, and I think that the game should be fair. We already didn't like Olaf's true damage "Lol" So Darius should be nerfed and according to the new patch update, he will.

Well that's my review of Darius. I will leave more reviews on new champions as they are released to stay tuned and keep safe. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.