SPORTS: Usain Bolt Crashes His Car, AGAIN!!!!

For a man who is known for keeping his cool at high speeds, he is very clumsy on the road. That man I'm talking about is Usain Bolt, the Olympian. According to various sources, Bolt crashed his BMW over the weekend at 5am after a night out with friends in Kingston Jamaica. The sprinter could possibly face charges, but the important thing is his health after the crash.

Usain Bolt is 100% fine and will still be in full health for the London Olympics which begins next month. As you can see from the photo above, his car isn't totally destroyed so it wasn't a bad crash. Thank God, Usain Bolt is alright.

"How many times does this guy crash his car. It's the second time that he got into an accident. I think he needs to be careful. He even crashed into a woman on the tracks. lol. Speed kills." Quote by Trinikid