How Much Did Prometheus Make/Gross In It's Opening Weekend Box Office? $50 Million

So the weekend is finally over and my box office recaps have reached its end, until next weekend of course. The last film that we need to talk about is Prometheus and its opening weekend. The Ridley Scott film didn't top the box office, even though I really thought it would have, however it managed to gross $50 million. Madagascar 3 grossed $10 million more than Prometheus, but who cares, Prometheus still rocks.

According to my previous posts, Prometheus grossed $21.4 million on its opening day and went on to make $50 million. Definitely a good start for the science fiction film, especially in the wake of the Avengers, and Men in Black 3.

"Prometheus may not have topped the box office, but atleast they didn't flop like Battleship. I think everyone in 20th Century Fox should be very happy of the amount the film grossed." Quote by Trinikid.

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