ENTERTAINMENT: How Much Did Snow White And The Huntsman Make/Gross On It's Opening Domestic Day? A Resounding $20.3 Million

Snow White and the Huntsman surprised everyone including me after it opened to a hefty sum of $20.3 million on Friday plus the $1.84 made in its midnight screening. This means that the film is estimated to gross as much as $55.8 million for its opening weekend, which is almost $15 million more than predicted before its release.

Snow White and the Huntsman basically outperformed itself and may top the box office this weekend, beating Men in Black 3 and the Avengers. This is definitely a great start for Kristen Stewart in her career outside of Twilight, she managed to star in yet another hit despite all the negative criticisms surrounding the film.

I guess Universal are wiping some sweat from their brows now, because if Snow White and the Huntsman had flopped, that would have been three flops in a two months "phew".

Personally I haven't seen the film and I have no intention of watching it, because frankly it isn't my cup of tea, but I think that it was a great film. What else would explain the high "grossage" on its opening day? However the figures on the opening day may not necessarily depict the quality of the film, maybe they just had a successful marketing campaign that lured unsuspecting viewers to the theatres. Or maybe the Twilight, Avengers and Prometheus band wagon just showed up to support their favourite actors. "Maybe"

Snow White and The Huntsman is the first film to overperform in the wake of The Avengers, which is definitely a great achievement. 

The Avengers is expected to make $19 million this weekend raising its domestic total to an epic $541.5 million.

I'm eager to see this weekend's box office, the competition is quite stiff with Men in Black 3, Avengers and Snow White and The Huntsman all fighting the highest spot in the box office.

Who do you think will be first, second and third?