ENTERTAINMENT: How Much Did Prometheus Make/Gross On It's Opening Day? A Cool $21.4 Million

Every weekend I cover all the big film releases and tell you how much it made and what I think about it. This weekend is no exception as I cover Prometheus and it's opening day figures. Don't forget to subscribe by clicking here.

Anyway, let's get down to business. Prometheus was able to gross a cool $21.4 million on its opening day which can easily see them top the box office this weekend. According to studio estimates, the film is likely to make $53.5 million for the weekend.

Now eventhough this film has similar makings of Battleship, which as we know failed in the box office, what makes this film stand out? Is it the cast? Or is it the fact that the trailers simply were so mysterious that everyone just desperately wanted to know more about it. Think about it for a second, Battleship was just another high flying, guns blazing and explosions kind of movie. There was no real mystery in the film. The only mystery really is how did the humans win against such high tech alien lifeforms. However Prometheus is more than that, it is a mystery, a real nail biter and you can't help but want to know what happens. Prometheus is definitely going to easily make profits.

The film grossed $3.561 million in its midnight screening: Click here for more info on the midnight screening