ENTERTAINMENT: How Much Did Prometheus Make/Gross In It's Opening Midnight Screening? An Epic $3.561 Million.

The big domestic release of the Ridley Scott film, Prometheus, occurred on Friday and there really wasn't any doubt that it would have made a lot of money. I rate Prometheus as the third biggest release for the year since Hunger Games and The Avengers.

Anyway, according to the box office, Prometheus grossed an epic $3.561 million on its opening midnight screening. With that, the film is expected to top the box office and make an easy $70 million plus over the weekend.

Films that had similar opening midnight screenings were Avatar ($3.537 million), TRON: Legacy ($3.5 million) and X-Men: First Class ($3.37 million). Avatar opened to $77 million; TRON: Legacy did $44 million; X-Men: First Class grabbed $55 million.

I'm expecting a big opening for Prometheus and I may even watch it, "Charlize Theron is super hot, that probably was some inspiration." It looks like a really great film. What are your thoughts on it?

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