BREAKING NEWS: Rodney King Dies At Age 47. Cause Of Death Still Unknown.

"Can we all just get along?" The famous words of Rodney King at the LA Riots in 1991. He was a huge factor in the LA Riots and was even infamously beaten by the LA Police in the wake of the whole event.

Rodney King survived the trauma of the riots, but sadly life took its toll on him as he passed away on June 17th 2012 at the age of 47, which is one year less than the age of Whitney Houston's death, "Just thought I'd compare the ages of their deaths, I wasn't implying anything. Or was I? Let's just blame it on the Illuminati until the autopsy is"

The cause of his death is currently unknown but he was found by his FiancĂ© at the bottom of the pool in his home in Rialton, CA. There was speculation that he was sick, because in a recent interview he had with TMZ, he complained of minor pains in his body.

I pray that his family is given the strength to handle his death. Our hearts go out to all of them. Rest in peace Rodney King.