BOX OFFICE: How Much Did Rock Of Ages Make/Gross In Its Opening Box Office Weekend? A Disappointing $15.1 Million

You would think that a film with cast members such as Russel Brand, Alec Baldwin and Tom Cruise would have done really well in the box office. However, the new film Rock of Ages didn't do very well at all in its opening weekend grossing as little as $15.1 million. For some films $15.1 million is the amount grossed on opening day, but to make that amount in an entire weekend is an epic fail.

There is no denying that a lot of work was put into the film but it just couldn't deliver on the day of reckoning especially in the wake of films such as, Madagascar 3, Prometheus, Avengers and Men in Black 3. Rock of Ages marks yet another big flop this year, and it seems that there is lot of risk uncertainty in showbiz now. You could never tell who will make or break. But superhero movies are always exceptions as superhero flicks always tend to make all the money and suck the life out of the box office. I could bet a million dollars that both Dark Knight and Spiderman will top when they are released.

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