BOX OFFICE: How Much Did Pixar's Brave Make/Gross On It's Opening Day? A Resounding $24.5 Million.

Pixar has done it again with a resounding $24.5 million on Friday from their new film, Brave. It has been estimated that the film should make an easy $60 million in its opening weekend cementing first place in the box office. A first place position will mean that a Pixar film has been placed first in the box office 13 straight times in a row, "EPIC!!"

The film was released in  4,164 theaters, 2,790 of which are 3D shows. So it did have quite a large release so $60 million this weekend would not be that far-fetched since Dreamwork's Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted opened to around the same total.

"It seems as though many movie goers love to watch animated films. Because how can 13 straight films from Pixar hit number 1, that's epic." Quote by Trinikid.