Tringo Mag: Machel Montano Features Ian Alleyne In The Music Video For "Bottle Of Rum"

It's a scarlet ibis, it's a redjet, no it's drunken Machel Montano falling of a sea vessel in his new music video *cheers*

Yes you read it right, in his new music video. The reigning soca king Machel Montano brought out the new music video for his song, "Bottle of Bum Rum" The video consisted of a drunken machel montano falling off a boat into the ocean.

"That was the highlight of the music video, I thought the music video was over when he fell off the boat, like seriously...#LOL" Quote by Trinikid.

Machel then woke up from his horrible nightmare and awoke to his dream of laying next to his super sexy girlfriend. The music video then got blurry after, as the sight of half naked women blurred the essence of the song and video. 

Then there was Ian Alleyne. He was in the video for like 2 seconds, almost subliminal. #LOL. He was apparently arresting somebody and noticed Machel's drunk driving. 
Okay!! Enough talking writing. Below is the music video.... 
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.