TECH: When Is The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dawnguard Game Add On Going To Be Released? Going Live This Summer On XBOX.

The game of the year 2011 was Elder Scrolls Skyrim, and it undoubtedly deserved it. I have played the game already and it is a really good game, but it glitches alot, so I became overjoyed when Bethesda released the trailer for the new add on of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim called Dawnguard.

"My hope is that they fix many of the glitches associated with the game, so our PS3's hard drive won't be at risk." Quote by Trinikid

The trailer doesn't really say much but a bunch of mumbo jumbo that I really couldn't understand but it is epic nevertheless. It doesn't seem to have much dragons in it though, and I personally loved the dragons and the powers that you received after slaying one, "You know, the shouts." But it does have trolls, gargoyles and other butt ugly creatures.

The game add on is scheduled to live on the Xbox this summer. It should also be available for the PS3 and PC in the summer as well.