TECH: Did Mark Zuckerberg Get Married? He Apparently Got Married To Priscilla Chan.

Is it just me, or did anyone else think that Mark Zuckerberg was already married? I'm not a craze follower of Mark Zuckerberg, all I do is use Facebook, so I wouldn't know. However Mark released the news of his marriage on Facebook along with a picture of him and his bride Priscilla Chan.

I must admit that they look great together standing in their wedding gowns. However Mark Zuckerberg hasn't released any news of when he got married on his Facebook account, so we are still in the dark. It was also unknown to me that he was even engaged, but he probably did share all the information on Facebook before but as I said, I don't follow Mark Zuckerberg.

Congratulations to the lovely couple on their marriage and I hope they stay together forever and have lots of children, "Mark Zuckerberg could definitely afford it"