SPORTS: Who Won The Barclay's English Premier League 2012? Manchester City Won The Barclay's English Premier League 2012

I am very disappointed. I'm not disappointed because Manchester City won the Barclay's English Premier League, but because Manchester United didn't win. They were playing so well during the season and I am personally a huge fan of Manchester United, so you could imagine my level of disappointment.

However, in looking on the bright side, the Barclay's English Premier League could not have been won by any team more competent deserving than Manchester City. It was evident that the club paid tons of money and trained extremely hard in order to refurnish their team into a lean mean scoring machine, and in the end they reaped the rewards of their investment. The fact that they were able to beat Manchester United on both meets means that they are truly a good team.

In the final game of the season, both Manchester United and Manchester City played games in hopes of winning.  Manchester City won their game against Queens Park Rangers by 3 goals to 2. However Manchester United did not witness the same faith as they lost their game to Sunderland by 0 goals to 1.

Manchester United had the trophy in their hands as one win would have won them the title, but Sunderland had something to say about that as they managed to pull off a last minute goal that won them the game.

I congratulate Manchester City for their greatest victory ever. I hope that they can keep it up, however I hope that Manchester United don't slip up again next year.