SPORTS: Who Won The 2012 UEFA Champions League? Chelsea Wins Against Bayern Munich By Penalty

The longest form of a  football game is when it goes into extra time then penalties. So i'm sure you can imagine the tension faced by the 300 million people that were watching the UEFA Champions League finals when Chelsea and Bayern Munich were at 1-1 going into extra time. There were lots of opportunities for each team to pull off a winner especially Bayern Munich, but the scoreboard could not be phased. Bayern Munich were given a penalty in the 93rd minute and many thought that it was over for Chelsea but Robben messed up the opportunity, "How sad."

Robben's penalty was a poor one, low to Cech's left, but far, far too close to the centre. Cech didn't save it cleanly, but managed to gather at the second attempt just before Robben could follow up! We see a shot of Schweinsteiger facing Neuer in his own half. He couldn't look. He was waiting for the cheer from the home fans... and it never came.

At The end of extra time, the Champions League final had to be decided by penalty, and after Cech's wonderful saves during the game your money would have definitely been on Chelsea. And Cech didn't disappoint as he managed to keep out two shots, winning Chelsea the game by 4 goals to 3.

I will like to congratulate Chelsea on a game well played and for winning the UEFA Champions League for the first time.

"I predicted that Chelsea would have won in my previous post I'm pretty good aren't I" Quote by Trinikid