My Prediction For The UEFA Champions League Final Between Chelsea And Bayern Munchen On The 19th Of May 2012

Chelsea has had the worst run of form in the English Premier League as they find themselves sixth in the table below Newcastle, Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City. Their current position will see them out of the Champions League next year, but how close are they to winning the current Champions League? Good question.

Well I strongly believe that this Champions League is Chelsea's even though I am not a huge of fan of the London team, I am a Manchester United fan all the way, but frankly they are not relevant right now. Bayern Munchen who are now second in the Bundesliga, will be facing Chelsea and can upset them in the finals. But at the end of the day, I think that the better team will win.

"By better team, I mean Chelsea" Quote by Trinikid.

Bayern Munchen is a very good team, but Chelsea has a little bit more experience in winning big games. If I can  allow you to recall the victory over the reigning Champions Barcelona "You see it? I hope you do". If a team like Barcelona is unable to beat you both home and away then I think UEFA should just give you the trophy.

"And by you, I mean Chelsea" Quote by Trinikid.

I must admit that the 2012 Champions League finals is not the most epic game in the world, because I would have preferred a Barcelona vs Real Madrid, but things happen you know.

So I predict that Chelsea will win the UEFA Champions League 2012. Even though it is not much of a prediction but more of a fact. So if you think that Bayern will win, well "tough"

The fact that Bayern is playing in their home does not mean anything, and it only means that Chelsea will beat them in their home in front of their friends and family. "LOL"