ENTERTAINMENT: Why Was The Release Of GI.Joe 2 Delayed For Nine Months? The Director Killed Channing Tatum.

The sequel to GI Joe was scheduled to be released on the 29th of June 2012, making it one of the many summer blockbusters to hit the theatres this year. However Paramount had released a statement recently saying that the film's release will be delayed for a whole nine months because they wanted to beef up international numbers by adding 3D. "Sounds Legit... This time we could see Bruce Willis's bald head in an amazing 3D effect. It will be almost as if you could reach out and shine it."


I'm not judging Paramount but their statement is fairly untrue. It may be true in some regards but it isn't the reason why they delayed the release. The reason behind the delay is that test audiences didn't like the film. The test audiences weren't happy to see the main character Duke, played by Channing Tatum, die. so early in the film. So because of this, they assumed that no one will like to see Duke die so early in the film.

"Think about it. Duke dying in GI Joe 2 is like Katniss dying in Catching Fire, or Bella dying in a Twilight film, or like Jack Dawson dying in Titanic.......wait, one of my references is off O_O." Quote by Trinikid.

The script writers are now editing the script to have Channing Tatum in more scenes of the film. Hope that doesn't cause the production cost to rise, because the chances of GI Joe Retaliation topping the box office is slim. But only time will tell I guess.