ENTERTAINMENT: Who Won NBC's Season 2 Of The Voice 2012? Jermaine Paul Won The Voice 2012

I just finished watching two whole hours of The Voice, and it was jam packed with performances from artistes like Justin Bieber, Lady Antobellum and returning finalists. The show held us from the deciding moment until the very very end of it, and the result was not very surprising. Too be more specific, the result wasn't very surprising to me.

With the likes of Tony Lucca, Jermaine Paul, Juliet Simms and Chris Mann, it was probably extremely hard for the world to decide the winner. But at the end of it all, Team Blake representative Jermaine Paul took the crown and was named, "The Voice." Anyone who watches the show could have predicted that Jermaine Paul would have won, not because of the color of his skin, "America did vote for a black president." but for the power of his voice. He was The Voice, and even though I think that Juliet Simms is a great singer, and absolutely gorgeous, she really couldn't be fairly named The Voice over Jermaine. Jermaine Paul definitely deserved to win. Tony Lucca and Chris Mann were great singers to, but to me they just had the swag of big time rock stars like Adam Levine, but their voices couldn't match up to the competition.

Now let's do a quick run through of how it ended. Firstly we must recognize the debut performance of Justin Bieber for his new song "Boyfriend." It sounded really like he was lip singing the whole song expect for the rapping part. But he wasn't really, it just looked like that from my perspective #lol. After the performance, the finalist stood on the stage and awaited the results. The first person to be eliminated was Chris Mamm from Team Christina. Christina gave him a nice big hug but all eyes were on her underwear, "literally." Christina wore an underwear over her stockings which made her look like Wonderwoman #no lie

Tony Lucca then left and it was left between Jermaine Paul and Juliet Simms. Juliet is a great singer and I strongly believe that it hasn't ended for her as she became the runner up on The Voice. Jermaine Paul took the victory along with a KIA which he got prior to the finale. The other finalist also got a free KIA, so everyone's a winner. The fact that the four finalists made it to the finals is a great victory and they are all winners, but only one became the champion.

The 2012 season of The Voice is over. Did you enjoy it? Do you think that Jermaine Paul deserved to win? Let us know in the comment section down below.