ENTERTAINMENT: Who Are The Last Two American Idol Finalists? Jessica Sanchez And Phillips Phillips

Every year the world votes for two finalists to go head on in the America Idol finale and this year the two voted were Jessica Sanchez and Phillips Phillips. It probably was a tight competition because I think all three of them are great singers and all deserve to win. "I'm not just saying that. I actually mean that."

The latest person to be eliminated was Joshua Ledet, so I guess there is 50% chance of the winner of American   idol being another white guy with a guitar. I'm not being racist but how many white guys with guitars have already won the competition. Four years in a row. I guess the world just love white guys with guitars.

For that very reason I want Jessica Sanchez to win the competition and add some Latina to the American idol stew, "I say this assuming that Jessica Sanchez is a Latina,"

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Who do you want to win American idol?