Entertainment: When Is Usher's New Album, Looking 4 Myself, To Be Released? June 12th

Usher never seems to sleep as he continues to grace the world with his wonderful music in 2012. From Climax to Scream, the R&B chart master is working on bestowing another one his albums to the world called Looking 4 Myself. Two songs on the album have currently been released to the public along with a music video. Climax and Scream.

Usher's first two albums were released in 1997- 2003 called My Way and 8701. His second two albums were released in 2004-2009 called Confessions and Here I stand. His third two albums were released in 2010-2011 called Raymond v Raymond and Versus. His newest album will be released on June 12th 2012 called Looking 4 Myself.

Are you eager to get your hands on his new album?