ENTERTAINMENT: Should You Go Watch Snow White And The Huntsman? Check Out The Early Reviews

The domestic release of Snow White And The Huntsman is nearly upon us, and I'm quite eager to see how many people go watch the film. I believe that a lot of people will go watch it because both Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth are in  it, and as you know they both starred in two really great movies. Kristen Stewart is Bella in the Twilight series, "DUHHH" and Chris Hemsworth is Thor. Charlize Theron is also a great actor who starred in many great films. So I believe fans of those films may go watch the film, but only time will tell. I'll be following the success or failure of the film right here so don't forget to subscribe to Bloggers Inc by Trinikid.

Anyway, if you are unsure if to watch the film or not, here are some reviews raved by critics.


"A bold rethinking of a familiar old story and striking design elements are undercut by a draggy mid-section and undeveloped characters," writes The Hollywood Reporter's Todd McCarthy. "This is a film of moments, of arresting visuals, marked seriousness, sometimes surprising imagination...It's also a film in which you can't help but behold and compare the contrasting beauty of two of the most exceptional looking women on the screen today, Stewart and Theron."

"Snow White and the Huntsman reinvents the legendary story in a film of astonishing beauty and imagination," notes Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times. "It falters in storytelling, because Snow White must be entirely good, the Queen must be entirely bad, and there's no room for nuance. The end is therefore predetermined. But, oh, what a ride."

"The best thing in the movie by far is Charlize Theron's performance," raves Entertainment Weekly's Owen Gleiberman, adding that Stewart "is just wary and delicate enough of a presence to play 'purity' without becoming a pain."

"Feels like it was made from the pieces of every fantasy-action movie ever made," states Ty Burr of the Boston Globe, but quickly pointing out "that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Parts of the film...are very nearly wonderful. Others are of a surpassing silliness."

"Astonishingly beautiful and breathtaking in its brutal imagery, Snow White and the Huntsman is thrilling and frightening in equal measure, yet as bereft of satisfying substance as a poisoned apple," offers Christy Lemire of the Associated Press.

"There's plenty of ambition and imagination on display from the first seconds of Snow White and the Huntsman, along with enthusiasm for the material that can't be faked and which makes up for at least some of the film's missteps," writes Salon.com's Andrew O'Hehir. "I resisted this derivative mishmash of classic fairytale and modern epic fantasy for as long as I could, but ultimately it swept me up into its geeky but manly embrace and carried me away on a white charger."