ENTERTAINMENT: How Much Did Men In Black 3 Make/Gross In It's Opening Weekend Box Office? A Hefty Sum Of $55 Million.

Now compared to the opening weekend of shows like Battleship, Chernobyl Diaries, The Dictator and Dark Shaadows, Men In Black 3 is a cash cow. The threequel grossed a hefty $55 million which placed it above The Avengers by a resounding $18 million and above Battleship by........ *number crunching* OMG *calculator explodes* I guess we'll never know #LOL.

Anyway, besides the box office success of Men In Black 3, the film still didn't perform as it liked. The studio estimated $70 million, but in the end they settled for $55 million which in comparison is still fairly good and they do have an extra day to make up some figures. That day is called Memorial Day. The film actually may acquire a good profit and not suffer a loss, as many people I'm sure are eager to see it.

"When compared to its predecessors, I can understand people saying it should've done more," Hollywood.com box-office analyst Paul Dergarabedian said Sunday.

I can understand Paul's point clearly as the previous Men in Black films basically did better. The first MIB released in 1997 debuted at $51 million, while the sequel debuted at $52 million while the threequel in 2012 grossed $55 million despite the addition of new theatres and formats like IMAX and 3D. So $55 million is actually worse than the first two if you look at odds.

However it's still a very solid start for the alien flick as the film grossed a little over $200 million worldwide and removed the Avengers from top of the number 1 spot in this weekend's box office, "Pretty epic if you ask me,"

Below is this weekend's box office My 25th- May 27th 2012.

1.Men in Black 3, $55 million

2.The Avengers, $37 million

3.Battleship, $10.8 million

4.The Dictator, $9.5 million

5.Chernobyl Diaries, $8 million

6.Dark Shadows, $7.5 million

7.What to Expect When You're Expecting, $7.2 million

8.The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, $6.4 million

9.The Hunger Games, $2.2 million

10.Think Like a Man, $1.4 million