ENTERTAINMENT: How Much Did Men In Black 3 Make On It's Opening Day? A Fair $17.5 Million.

The Avengers has been defeated, finally. The power and might of Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna couldn't have defeated the Avengers nor could have Johnny Depp and his comedic horror in Dark Shadows. However it seems as though the Avengers were no match for the big guns of Will Smith, Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black 3.

The highly anticipated threequel of Men in Black did  beat the Avengers in this week's box office by roughly $8 million.  So in other words, more people watched Men in Black 3 than the Avengers on Friday the 25th. Men in Black 3 made $17.5 million on it's opening day.

However despite beating the Avengers on Friday, Men in Black 3 still disappointed when it came down to the actual meat of the matter. The film's production cost was over $200 million and adding all other costs, the overall cost was roughly $375 million. The film was expected to make around $90 million over the weekend, but at the rate of ticket sales it may boil down to $75 million over the long memorial day weekend.

Have you watched Men in Black 3 yet? And do you think that it will make a profit or a loss?