ENTERTAINMENT: How Much Did Battleship Make In Its Opening Weekend Box Office? A Little Less Than Predicted, $25.4 Million

Battleship did not get much of a warm welcome to the United States on its opening day, grossing as little as $9 million. Battleship was then predicted to cruise to a comfortable $26 million in the weekend's box office, but it sank a little below its predicted amount to $25.4 million.

Eventhough the film placed second in the weekend's box office, the amount of money it grossed doesn't bode well for its future and in the end the film may end up suffering a loss of a few million dollars.

"Well that sucks. After they spent so much time, money and energy on the film, Universal will end up losing money in the end from it. At least they had fun doing it right?" Quote by Trinikid

Now the overall cost of the film is not known to me, but I do know that it's a $200 million film. The cost of everything else other than production is not known to me but I reckon it's a hefty amount and the movie needs to make at least $300 million to start counting profits. The film did cover its production cost overseas grossing $226.8 million, but it may not have covered its overall cost. So in the end, Battleship may end up sinking below the depths, however I think that there is still hope. I believe that a lot more people want to see Battleship but they just prefer to see Avengers. Maybe after the Avengers hype, Battelship might make a bit more. But for now, it seems as though another Taylor Kitsch flick is going to flop in the box office and cause a massive movie studio to run for their money..

"I really don't want to believe that Battleship is a bad film, I mean come on, it has aliens in it, and two sexy ladies. Any film that has aliens and hot chicks usually is a good film." Quote by Trinikid