ENTERTAINMENT: Did Justin Bieber Beat Up A Photographer/Paparazzi? It Is Alleged.

Justin Bieber is known highly for breaking records, and breaking charts, but is he now known for breaking faces? Maybe. I'm not here to spread rumors but simply to inform, and according to Los Angelos County Sheriff's investigators, Justin Bieber got into a "scuffle" with a photographer, then left the scene of the "crime." The police are currently searching for the Canadian pop star, and his girlfriend Selena Gomez to interrogate them ask them a few questions.
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It has been alleged that the scuffle was caused by the photographer taking pictures of Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez in Calabasas, Calif. Due to that Justin Bieber allegedly physically abused the man causing the man to have alleged chest pains.

"Okay, okay, I don't doubt that the whole situation is true, because there has been many counts of celebrities beating up paparazzi, it's a norm. But he beated up the man so badly that he had to be treated at a hospital... really? I don't buy that. I mean, how strong is Justin Bieber that he could beat up anybody. Seriously. Couldn't the man have defended himself? Look at Justin Bieber, who could he beat up? Look at the photographer. I think that the photographer is telling lies and exaggerating the story. But with a good lawyer, that photographer possibly could get a hefty sum of money. So I think he just wanted a raise." Quote by Trinikid.

I hope that the situation doesn't get too bad for Justin Bieber. We are hoping the best.


  1. I am a total fan of the Biebs,and I just do not think that he is that kind of person.I've even seen edited photos of Justin on an online magazine and they tried to make it look like they had proof he was gay.And then there was another time that they had blogged that Justin had beaten up an inocent little girl.So my point is that JB would never EVER do something like this.I think that this photographer was just trying to make himself some money off of Justin.

  2. I think that your absolutely right. But can you blame the photographer? A man's got to eat right? LOL

    1. Well the man needs to find a better way to eat cuz spying on other people's lives won't cut it.


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