Why was Ian Alleyne Arrested?

I think that by now you should be fully aware of the arrest of the TV personality and Trinidad crime fighter, Ian Alleyne. It was reported that after the airing of his show on April 19th he was informed that police were on the premises of CCN with instructions to arrest him. The situation was taken very grimly by his audience and leaves a lot to ask about the competence of commissioner Gibbs.

Om Lalla stated recently, "In spite of our request that we would meet them at the police station they have refused and the instructions are that he’s to be arrested. We will cooperate but again, it does seem to be an abuse of process"

According to the Express, Om Lalla also stated that if the arrest had anything to do with the airing of a tape showing the rape of a 13 year old girl on the program several months ago, they expected the matter to be handled differently as both Ian Alleyne and CCN lawyers indicated their willingness to cooperate and are still prepared to do so.  

So apparently the matter concerning the airing of the rape of the 13 year old girl is still going on, and Ian is still in trouble for it. I may not be a lawyer, but I believe  that the airing of a crime scene can have an effect in court as there is already knowledge of the criminal, and may lead to bias decisions in the court of law, which is not allowed. So Ian's mistake may cause the rapists to go free and to disallow justice to be served. Therefore Ian Alleyne's act may have been unlawful, but I still believe that Ian Alleyne shouldn't be kept in jail for a long period of time, because of all that he did for the country of Trinidad and Tobago. I won't be surprised if he just cancels Crime Watch, and go away and live somewhere far away.

"I don't know, maybe like Gotham City!!! #LOL...isn't it funny how the commissioner of police in Trinidad and Gotham city have the same last name. Coincidence or not? Yeah i'm really psyched to see the new dark night movie..#besides the point" Quote by Trinikid

I think the way they treated Ian Alleyne after all his work was simply inhumane and ungrateful. They could have done it with a little bit more repect. I am disappointed in the police service, but frankly, who in Trinidad isn't.

However there is no thwarting of the law and if he disobeyed the law, then he should be sentenced, but I think that there is more to the situation than it really is. Stay tuned for more information on the matter as it unfolds..


  1. "We are The Police. We Can Do Whatever We Want. I don’t have time for any two-by-four lawyer tonight, so get out of the car or you'll be thrown out."

    That was then Ass't Supt of Police and the now discredited Chandraban Maharaj in December 2004 as he searched female attorney Nyree Alfonso's car for firearms before maliciously arresting her husband on firearms charges that were subsequently thrown out by the court.

    Tonight, the entire country witnessed behaviour no less high handed, disrespectful and oppressive by yet another soon to be, in fact already discredited police officer, Snr. Supt Ajit Persad who will undoubtedly be remembered for manhandling and dragging Crime Watch Host Ian Alleyne as if he (Alleyne) were the biggest criminal in the country to arrest him over a matter that is so petty that it makes us wonder if Ajit Persad and his Mongoose Squad of TTPS Dunces don't have more serious and really criminal matters to deal with.

    The incident happened in front of television cameras tonight in the CCN TV6 compound. Persad, typical TTPS DiK (Dunce In Khaki)could have simply served Alleyne with a summons to appear in court for the alleged offense of airing video footage of a rape in progress, which incidentally pressured the police into arresting the rapist after more than three months of deliberate police inaction in that really serious and criminal matter. But in the normal TTPS style of might being right with common sense taking flight, Persad, chose to demonstrate to the country on national television at prime news time the true nature of the uncouth, uncivilized, untrained and untrainable TTPS 'Duncy Head' beast that we the decent people of Trinidad and Tobago have to put up with on a daily basis.

    That there will be serious, punitive consequences, monetary and otherwise, to Persad's heavy handed stupidity tonight we have no doubt, and as much as we despise the man's behaviour and his persona, we do not envy the negative karma that we are just as certain will descend on him like the vengeance of Moko

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