New iCarly: iOpen A Restuarant review and recap.

Nickelodean premiered the new episode of iCarly this weekend, "iOpen A Restuarant." and I must say, without bias, that it was funny as per usual, and consisted of a great plot. All the stuff we love about iCarly.

In the new episode, Gibby found his school's basement and got a crazy idea to open a restaurant. Despite the potential to get in big trouble and a lot of Carly's negativity, he executed the crazy idea with the help of Sam and a few others. The crazy idea didn't seem too crazy however, as it actually exploded into a successful and profitable business called, "Gibbys"

In the midst of the success of the restaurant, Gibby met his long time foe. His foe then began to slyly insult Gibby about his past, which enraged the young entrepreneur. After everyone had left the restaurant, Sam got her famous butter sock and beat down Gibby's foe. This caused his foe to report the illegal restaurant, however the principal allowed Gibby to continue his restaurant. So all is well that ends well, "Wait..did I say that right... #Oh well" So maybe in other episodes, Gibby's restaurant may actually be a new place for Carly and the gang to hang out. Wouldn't that be cool?

That's not all that happened though.  Back at the loft, Spencer and Carly got robbed. Burglars broke into their apartment and stole their television and Computer, "The bacon was safe though.....phew!"

The robbery caused Spencer to build some alarm systems, but it didn't go well. He first temporarily blinded Carly and shot down Freddie's mom with unpopped pop corn.