Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" Music Video Will Be Launched On May 2nd

Many of the Justin Bieber fans have been constantly asking the smae question, "When will Justin Bieber launch the Boyfriend music video?"

Well with the help of Scooter Braun we were able to get the exact date of the launch. Justin Bieber's new music video will be launched on May 2nd 2012, so check Youtube around that time to see the video. Justin promised his fans that it will be great, so maybe you should take his word for it.

Justin Bieber then revealed news to CapitalFM that he will be collaborating with Drizzy Drake in his "Believe" album.

"The song’s called ‘Right Here’ and it’s a smash!” Quote by Justin Bieber “People are gonna love it.

Are you excited about Justin Bieber's new album? Let us know how you feel about his collaboration with Drake.