ICarly new episode "iGo One Direction" review and recap

Many people were looking forward to the new episode of iCarly called iGo One Direction, where the British boy band One Direction performs on the iCarly live show. So in knowing this, I decided to watch the episode and see if the episode would have lived up to the expectations of the audience, and in my honest opinion, I think that it was just normal.

"I know that's an aweful review, but I really couldn't come up with anything better to say!! Really. The episode was just normal and wasn't really an exceptional one" Quote by Trinikid

That's all really that I can say about it, because it wasn't an epic episode, but what I can say is that it was funny. The funniest part was when Gibby was performing with One Direction. "LOL"

Anyway let's get into the recap:

The British boy band One Direction visited iCarly to perform on one of their live shows, after accepting Carly's request, however Carly, who was ill with a contagious disease, passed on her illness to Harry from One Direction. The illness left Harry bed ridden for a few days under the care of Carly, however when he had recovered, he began to play sick in order to continually receive Carly's excellent treatment.

When his planned was realized Carly and the gang created a plan to get him back in the group by telling him that Gibby will be replacing him in the group, "LOL"

After hearing Gibby sing, Harry quickly said that he was feeling better and rejoined the group. The group then performed on the live show.

Did I mention that Spencer became a make up artist? He was given the responsibility to train an awkward young lady, but no matter how much he tried she still had a nasty attitude. He even went as far as giving her a makeover, "Ungrateful little ....... lol..fill in the banks