Congratulations To Jay Blessed For Her One Year Anniversary Of Blogging And A Million+ Hits

Jay Blessed Media is the number 1 place for all things Caribbean entertainment and news. The blog has been functioning for a little over a year and its success within the Caribbean has been absolutely phenomenal. Jay Blessed Media is my go to spot for Caribbean news, and sometimes I visit her blog to get content for mine as well.

"Yeah I admit it, I'm a, but those stories just be too juicy!!!!" Quote by Trinikid.

She recently did an interview right here and i'm very honored to say that she did, and didn't just leave my request to pick up space in her inbox. To read the interview, you can visit

Jay Blessed has been a great inspiration to me, especially as a Trinidadian blogger. My blog may not be strictly Caribbean, but there is a lot that I can learn from Jay Blessed. I am only 6 months old as a blogger, so her 1 year of blogging means that she got a little bit more experience than me in the blogging department.

I truly congratulate Jay Blessed on her current success and hope that she keeps on winning, and running the Caribbean race to world domination #LOL.

#Straight talk No Gay Talk Chaser... Get it? LOL

I also commend her for knowing Anya Ayoung Chee, along with other famous people. You can visit her site by clicking here.

"Knowing Anya Ayoung Chee is kind of like a big deal. Isn't she that lady who won Project Runway? Yes she is!!!!! Yes She is!!!!" Quote by Trinikid