Breaking News: Ian Alleyne Arrested Under Sexual Offences Act?... Details Are Still Sketchy.

I am very unsure of the whole situation right now about Ian Alleyne and his pending arrest, but apparently he is in big trouble with the law, "Or probably just bad mind, but either way, he's in big trouble". It is alleged that the reason behind his arrest will be because of a tape that was aired. This is not the first time that Ian Alleyne got in trouble for airing certain things on the show. Remember when he got fired from TV6 after airing the rape on television. However this time it seems more serious, and I predict that it is not going to be pretty.

I don't care what the situation is, I will back Ian Alleyne on this one, because all the crime that he solves should be enough for the police to grant him a "Get out of jail free card" because frankly the Trinidad police aren't working as hard as Ian Alleyne. He's like the dark knight of Trinidad....well the brown knight, because he is not dark.

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to see the dark knight in theaters #besides the point" Quote by Trinikid

"I don't know if he is going to get arrested at this point.... I mean, the police could be outside of TV6 to simply give him a high five, a bounce and probably a little bobby for all his hard work. I don't know. But I am  intensely investigating it." Quote by Trinikid.

The details are still very sketchy and as we speak I am gathering more information on it. Stay tuned for all the info.


  1. They have arrested Ian Alleyne. PPl all over the world we have to support him. The police an't even say what the charge is. PPl. now you know how corrupt Trinidad is.

  2. Ignorance is bliss and if he did break the law he has to be arrested. To the idiot that said that Trinidad corrupt cause of what happened to Ian Alleyne are you watching the Trayvon Martin case in the States. It happens everywhere and yes T&T is corrupt but not because of someone popular got arrested. At least the police had the testicular fortitude to do it even though they will come out the losers in this case.


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