West Indies Cricket team pull off a tie with Australia in the 2012 ODI series: Dissapointingly!!!

I am not the kind of person that curses every second, in a matter of fact I don't curse at all. However the end result of the 2012 ODI match between West Indies and Australia had me on the brink of letting out some "obsceneries".

The West Indies were well on their way to a victory as Darren Sammy hit a beautiful four in the last over of the 2012 West Indies vs Australia ODI. West Indies then had one run to win FROM THREE BALLS, "Sounds easy enough right" I was already celebrating the win and the thought of West Indies beating Australia twice in a row was dominant. However the West Indian Cricket Syndrome refused to leave the team even after a great game. Darren Sammy and Roach encountered a little mix up that had them in the middle of the pitch and the ball in an Australian player's hand near a wicket with one West Indian wicket to spare. That can only lead to one thing

"What a poor time to have a mid wicket conversation" Quote by Trinikid.

I was so disappointed that I just turned off the television and walked away. I think it would have hurted less if we had lost like we always do than draw after basically staring victory in the eye.

I was a big West Indian fan back in the days when I was in secondary school, "Which was like two years ago..#LOL" I had stopped following West Indian cricket because the results were usually the same. However after we won against Australia in the second ODI, it rekindled an interest in the Cricket team, but now that spark is gone, never to be rekindled again.

"Unless West Indies can pull off a victory in the next game in Trinidad, which I may be attending......#LOL" Quote by Trinikid