Top Things to See and Do in the Caribbean

With beautiful beaches, sparkling water, lush scenery and a rich cultural history, the Caribbean is one of the world's most popular holiday destinations. If you're planning a trip to the Caribbean, be sure to make time to see some of these beautiful sights and try some of these exciting activities.

Zip Over the Canopy in St Lucia

If you're visiting St Lucia, try the Aerial Tram and Zipline Canopy Tour. This unique tour lifts you over the jungle canopy in a gondola. The striking views from the gondola are just the beginning, though -- in the tour's second half, you'll be attached to a zipline to speed through the canopy itself. The thrilling zipline ride combines with the beautiful forest scenery to make this an unforgettable experience.

See St Kitts by Train

The St Kitts Scenic Railway is a legacy of the island's role in the sugar trade. Built in the early 20th century to carry sugar from outlying plantations to the capital, the railway now travels around the island so that tourists can enjoy the beautiful and varied countryside. The trip, which includes both the Scenic Railway and a sightseeing bus, is a great way to see the natural beauty of St Kitts.

Explore Pirate Heritage in the Bahamas

Piracy played a minor role in the Caribbean's history, but the exploits of notorious pirate captains such as Edward "Blackbeard" Teach have captured the imaginations of generations of readers and filmgoers. You can learn more about these colourful Caribbean characters at the Pirate Museum in Nassau. The museum boasts exhibits and interactive lessons about Caribbean piracy, including a replica pirate ship.

Tour Old San Juan

Old San Juan's cobbled streets and tiled roofs date back to the 16th and 17th centuries, when Puerto Rico was one of Spain's many colonial possessions in the Caribbean. The former heart of the capital is now designated a World Heritage site, attracting tourists from around the world. With beautiful homes, open-air cafes and a wide range of shops and restaurants, Old San Juan is the perfect place for a relaxing early-evening stroll. Be sure to take in the Cathedral of San Juan Batista.

Go Whale-Watching in the Dominican Republic

If you love sea life, the Bay of Samana in the Dominican Republic offers a unique experience. From January to March, humpback whales converge on the bay to mate and give birth to their calves. Boat tours of the bay bring whale watchers close to these remarkable creatures.
Whether you're looking for beautiful colonial architecture, stunning scenery, or an up-close view of majestic wildlife, you won't regret including one of these Caribbean attractions in your holiday plans.
Photo by Centophobia
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