Top Five Places for a Family Holiday in the UK

During the summer months, finding a fun-filled family vacation spot can be difficult when considering all of the choices.  In the United Kingdom alone, there are hundreds of sites that cater to families throughout the year but each one is not equal in terms of fun and affordability.  Throughout our adventures across the United Kingdom, we have outlined a few family holiday spots that beat the rest when it comes to the amount of activities in the area and the cost required to visit.  The result of our endeavor is this: the top five places to take a family holiday in the United Kingdom.

Ireland - Dublin

In general, Ireland is a rather family-friendly place and has much to see and do.  Dublin is a great place to visit on your vacation as there are plenty of family-oriented events to keep everyone busy.  With a huge selection of authentic Irish pubs and restaurants that supply homemade and gourmet menu selections, music and theater spots all around downtown and a vibrant commercial district, there's a little bit of everything to enjoy in this old Irish city.

Ireland – Southern and Western Countryside

If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle in Dublin, then the Irish countryside can give you and your family the option of exploring a different part of Ireland.  Throughout the rural areas, there are plenty of medieval fortresses and castles to explore (some are fully open to the public), lush green scenery that rolls on for mile after mile and vibrant flora and fauna.  You can drive across an entire stretch of countryside – from one side of the country to the other – in an afternoon, giving the family a chance to stop every now and then and explore what interests them.

England – Lake District

In this neck of the woods, it is all about relaxation and natural beauty, and a vacation to this part of England in the summer can be a tranquil, cool-climate experience.  Perfectly setup as a family getaway the Lake District's villages are full of visitors taking in the eateries and shopping venues.  Outside the small towns that dot the countryside, lakes, streams and rivers beckon to be explored by those who wish to navigate their waters.  Whether you are looking for a family hotel or an isolated cottage in the woods, the Lake District can accommodate.

Scotland – Edinburgh

Whether it's exploring the underground passages of medieval Edinburgh or visiting the attraction Our Dynamic Earth, which highlights the geography and geology of the area, Edinburgh is city with a lot to offer families.  Visit an extinct volcano (Arthur's Seat), tour the Edinburgh Castle and have a blast shopping at the department stores downtown.

Scotland – Inverness

The farthest north large city in the United Kingdom, Inverness offers a mix of country living with modern accommodations and ancient lore. Kids will love exploring the Culloden Battlefield, the site of a 300 year-old fight between Prince Charles and the Duke of Cumberland. Bogbain Farm is another great place to visit for a variety of activities: biking, clay shooting, archery, paintball and racing can all be found here.
Photo courtesy of William Murphy
UK and Ireland holidays are ideal for families of all sizes and with a number of self-catering accommodation options you are sure to find something that is ideal. The Owner's Direct website is a great place to find accommodation with everything from cottages Lake District to apartments in Edinburgh available for short term rental.