Top 5 Luxurious Hotels in Portugal and Italy.

Portugal and Italy are two of the most popular destinations for European vacations.  Each place offers amazing scenery, food, shopping, and entertainment.  As you book your trip though, you may find the number of hotel options to be completely overwhelming.  If you are looking for something luxurious yet unique, here is our list of the top 5 hotels to help you get started with your search.

The Oitavos, Portugal

This luxury hotel in Portugal has a theme that is inspired by classic Atlantic Coast beauty.  Its elegant design clearly strives to embrace nature as the outdoor scenery is accentuated by the simple interiors.  The surrounding landscape offers both natural and historical elements and the ocean views are simply breathtaking.  You’ll be surrounded by color in this beautiful oasis from the blue sky to the brightly blooming wildflowers and green trees.  There is also plenty of artwork and sculptures to take in.  The Oitavos offers 16 spacious suites along with 142 other basic guest rooms.  Each and every room has a balcony with a private ocean view.

Monte do Casal, Portugal

The Monte do Casal is located in a preservation area just 15 minutes from the airport and less than half an hour from world famous beaches and golfing.  This incredible 18th century Country House is all about offering the utmost in comfort.  You are offered total privacy and relaxation while still having the luxury of room service and other personalized services.  It’s not a tiny cottage nor is it a grand sky rise; it is the perfect balance of luxury and simplicity and may be just what many travelers have been searching for but thought they’d never find

Pestana Palace, Portugal

The spacious rooms of Pestana Palace offer all of the basic but very necessary amenities; central heating and cooling, cable television, and room service.  The hotel also offers a health club, swimming pools (both indoor and outdoor), and golf courses.  If you are travelling for business, Pestana Hotel offers 15 air conditioned rooms that are equipped with excellent A/V equipment.  Pestana Palace is also very centrally located; right in Lisbon, which offers you the convenience of having everything you need very close by.

The Park Hyatt Milan, Italy

Every hotel has something that sets it apart; its own personal claim to fame.  For many hotels that may be the amazing architecture or incomparable service.  At the Park Hyatt Milan, its selling point is that it has the largest restrooms of any other hotel in Milan.  The bathroom in each room occupies almost half of the space and comes complete with oversized bathtubs, glass walled showers, double sinks, walk-in closets, and enough mirrors that you’ll see yourself from brand new angles.  Of course, giant bathrooms are not the only thing that Park Hyatt Milan has to offer.  There are also amazing spa services, holistic treatments, and fantastic shopping all available in the hotel.

UNA Hotel Vittoria, Italy

For something entirely unique, you might want opt for a stay in one of the black leather walled rooms of Hotel Vittoria.  The hotel looks a little something like a nightclub and each room is designed in mostly black and accented with fiber optic lights.  Crystal encased bathrooms offer something new and exciting but next to no privacy.  A few more little oddities include the floor to ceiling floral painting that dwarfs the reception desk and the Renaissance Tuscan Noble paintings that cover each of the 84 guest room doors.
Whether you are planning on taking Portugal holidays or Italy holidays we hope the above list has been helpful.  Should you wish to stay somewhere more private check out the Owner’s Direct website – our list of properties will surprise you.