My opinions on the Opera Duo, Charlotte and Jonathan on Britain's got talent 2012

I was quite taken back when I watched the clip of Charlotte and Jonathan on Britain's got talent 2012, because it was a quite unusual scene that sparked an interest in me for them, and i'm sure it did the same for the millions of other viewers. I will be giving my opinions on the performance and the judgement, so keep reading.

I was especially taken back by Jonathan. Not because he was shy and insecure about his weight but the voice that he propelled from the stage. It was magnificent and filled with energy. He wasn't much of a talker at the pre -performance but his voice said everything for him. His confidence on stage is evidence that he was born to be a singer

I also enjoyed Charlotte's complimentary voice, she was more of a background singer but I think that it wouldn't have been the same without her. I think she is absolutely gorgeous and added a little bit of cute femininity to the performance. She also added the high pitch to his lower pitch, which sounded so heaven sent that it really wasn't surprising that they were singing a Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams song.

"In other words, Charlotte mostly added the aesthetics to the performance" Quote by Trinikid.

I truly believe that if Jonathan had gone up there by himself he wouldn't have been as good, because as he said she is his support "basically" so I think they both are great as a couple.

"In singing of course, not as boyfriend and girlfriend, even though I think they would make a lovely couple. Don't you think?" Quote by Trinikid

I didn't like Simon Cowell's judgement even though he was absolutely right, but he could have said it a bit nicer,

"But that's Simon Cowell for you! What else would you expect."

I really hope to see those two get through and win the show, so from now on i'm supporting those two all the way. I call them "Charnathon" #Trending Worldwide.