Kids Choice Awards 2012 review and recap

The highly anticipated Kids' Choice Awards 2012 has come and gone, and there is so much to talk about that I don't even know where to start. However for the sake of getting it done in an orderly fashion, i'll start from the beginning "LOL" So keep reading as I review and recap the Kids' Choice Awards 2012. If you want you can check out the predictions I made for the KCA'S by clicking here. See how right I was.

The show was jam packed with slime as Will Smith ran the show with his swag and humor. He fell from the roof into the building to begin the proceedings with an epic entry, that had the kids so ecstatic that they almost drowned the place in more noise than slime. Will then went on to introduce Nicki Minaj and Josh Hutcherson who called out the nominees for favorite music group. Big Time Rush took the blimp for favorite music group with one of the members taking a small trip on their way to the stage. "Yikes"

"I will not mention who tripped in order to keep it a small deal, and also because I forgot who it was #LOL" Quote by Trinikid.

Did I mention the bucket of slime poured over Halle Berry's head. It was so funny because I honestly believe she wasn't expecting it, and arrived late expecting to find a seat, just to be covered in green slime.

The celebrities kept rolling in the deep, like Adele, as Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone stated the nominees for the kids' favorite movie actor, which was awarded to Adam Sandler.

Probably the most interesting thing said on the day was said by Adam Sandler. He advised the children to be good to their brothers and sisters because someday they were going to ask them for money. "Wise words young butterfly....... pfft.. more like young moth..LOL jk"

The proceedings then got a little bit slimier as Chris Colfer gets mega slimed near to Heidi Klum, and with that they awarded the blimp for favorite Tv actress to Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez looked absolutely stunning in her sexy dress that showed off her elegant and well defined curves, "I think I ran out of adjectives, but if I have to award the best dressed at the KCA 2012, Selena Gomez will definitely get that. Let's hear an applause for Selena Gomez."

Selena Gomez also received the award for favorite female singer,

"Tough Luck Taylor Swift... I would have voted for Taylor for favorite female singer, but Selena Gomez is great to" Quote by Trinikid..

Okay let's move on.

I was a little bit disappointed in Katy Perry's singing at the KCA 2012. I don't mean to be mean, but I found her singing to be quite out off key, "Maybe she had too much slime to drink. Throughout the whole performance I could have just imagined what Simon Cowell would have said." 

Anyway, I really liked the performance though, with the whole gladiator theme and shield, It was epic. She also pied to face a king. She was then given a big five from Will Smith and was given the award for favorite voice in an animated movie (Smurfs). So overall, she wasn't too bad, but I think Katy Perry didn't provide the best of her singing to the kids at KCA 2012, but she is still awesome.

You know, as a sidenote: Some people doubted my prediction that Diary of A Wimpy Kid wouldn't have won over Hunger Games for favorite book series, but frankly I was right....... "WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!" *SORRY*

Moving on quickly, the night got a bit clownish as Jada Pinkette Smith and Chris Rock came escorted by some clowns *literally* and presented the award for favorite movie actress which went to the Twilight princess, Kristen Stewart. She was as her old self on stage, you know, seeming like she doesn't know what to say and just trying to pick up time on stage to seem somewhat professional #LOL "I mean that in the less mean way!!"

Time to continue, I just had to get something to eat before I continued. It was also a big scene when the first lady of the United States announced the winner of the Big Help award who was undoubtedly Taylor Swift. I'm not even going to begin to write about what she did because I won't finish today, and i'm extremely sleepy. It's literally one o clock at night and i'm writing. #enough about me!

"I've said this many times, but i'm going to say this again. I think Taylor Swift is super awesome, not only because she can sing, but because she can sing and is so humble and kind. I sometimes wonder if all Taylor Swift thinks about is like Unicorns and rainbows. She seems so innocent, but looks can be deceiving so yeah!" Quote by Trinikid.

We then had Robert Downy Junior and Miranda Cosgrove giving the award for favorite butt kicker to Taylor Lautner, who was then mega slimed after allegedly doing 1000 push ups..

The biggest highlight for the day for millions was the performance by One Direction. I'm not a huge fan of One Direction but apparently they are larger than life right now. I think they are like the British version of Big Time Rush, but according to sources, One Direction is bigger than Big Time Rush right now... "HMMMM something to think about"

The identity of Will Smith's creepy hater voice was then revealed and it was none other than Cee-Lo Green. He always wanted to be slimed but he never earned it, apparently having a last name like green doesn't count, however he was "ice creamed sundayed" which was the next best thing.

The last thing on the show seemed to be quite inevitable. Jaden and Willow Smith presented the award for best male singer to Justin Bieber, who was then mega ultra super slimed along with Will Smith.

It was a great show and i'm looking forward to next years.

"Maybe I might be in the show next year, hmmmmm...something to think about" Quote by Trinikid