Don’t Hate the Player, Love the Game: Angry Birds

You know Angry Birds, right?  Trust us, you know this game.  Even if you’ve never used that famous virtual slingshot once in your whole life, you know Angry Birds.
With a gazillion apps downloaded (well, it’s actually over 500 million as of November 2011, according to Add to that another 6.5 million on Christmas Day 2011 alone. Then, add to that whatever they sold in January 2012), you’ll see you can’t escape it.  The brand is everywhere.  There are plush toys and board games, clothing and accessories, baby products--there are even Angry Birds flip flops.
Dude.  Flip flops.
Angry Birds was developed by Finland-based Rovio Entertainment, and came out in December 2009.  It’s a strategy game, based on physics, where you use a slingshot to launch birds at structures made of various elements (wood, ice, or stone).  The object of the game is to destroy all of the pigs on or within these structures and move to the next level.
Why are the birds so angry? Because the pigs stole their eggs. Duh!
By now, you’re probably wondering how such a basic game could become so insanely popular?  We wish we could tell you, because if we knew the answer, we’d be gazillionaires, too!  Psychologists have studied the Angry Birds phenomenon at length and have come up with various hypotheses, including addiction theories and analogies to life.
Market research firm Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) compiled a fantastic infographic on Angry Birds addiction. The bottom line is this:  Angry Birds is an easy-to-learn game, it’s free, and it provides the player with instant gratification.  Just aim the bird, launch, and wipe the smug smiles off those little green piggy faces.
We don’t think these birds are going anywhere, either.  There’s an Angry Birds movie in the works, and an animated short film has already aired on Nickelodeon.  Oh, and did we mention that Rovio opened the world’s first Angry Birds shop in Helsinki, Finland, last November?
The key words here being “the first.”
To say Angry Birds is doing quite well would be putting it mildly.  There is simply no stopping the Angry Birds train.  You’ll either have to jump onboard or get plowed over.We’ll leave things off with a very cool real-life (interactive!) video rendition of Angry Birds created by Polish filmmaker Tom Antos.  Can we get this for our backyards?
No, for real though, can we?
Author Bio: Todd Janowski is a part time writer for Beezid Penny Auctions , doing product reviews and guest posts. He loves travelling, good food, movies and spending time with his family. (And the occassional game of Angry Birds)