Big Time Movie Review and Recap

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In Big Time movie, the world witnessed a new side of the American boy band Big Time Rush, the "buttkicking" side. It showed that BTR  not only can rock the world, but save it as well, and save it in style. I mean look at those costumes below, that's what you call swag.

I must admit that the trailer over exaggerated the show, because everything that was in the trailer basically just consisted of the stuff in the first ten minutes of the show. From the speedboat, motorcycle and the bear, and James jumping out the helicopter. Nevertheless, it was still cool.

The show kind of reminded me of "Johnny English" you know that show with Mr. Bean. The funny secret agent stuff, and music was so classic, yet it had a hint of modern day swag to it. The part of the movie that had me cracking me up was when Katie was telling moon all the people who failed trying to take over the world, and she said Simon Cowell.
"It may not be funny to you, but me and my little brother were cracking up" Quote by Trinikid

Short Recap:

So BTR kicked off their world tour in London, but that's not all they were kicking.

A secret agent, while on the run from a group of undercover henchmen, replaced Kendall's bag with the bag containing a strange device. Kendall, unaware of the transaction, took the bag back to the hotel room. However little did he know that his backpack contained the very device that is to be used to take over the world.

BTR was very close to being caught but they were saved by the beautiful, gorgeous and sexy Penny Lane.
"I love British girls!!! They are so...... British #Lol" Quote by Trinikid.

Penny Lane who was the daughter or Mr. Lane, the runaway spy, saved them again when they were being chased by the evil henchmen. She introduced herself, and decided to work with them to save her father and by extension the world.

James took quite a liking to the sexy British spy, but was turned down on his first try.

In the mix of all the chaos, Katie was captured by Moon, the villain, in order to use her as bait for the boy band. This along with the loss of the beetle, led the boys into action, and eventually led them to victory. They saved the world and saved their world tour, all in one day.
"Wow!! When they say Big Time Rush, they really mean it, All in one day, wow" Quote by Trinikid

It was so bizarre that all the events in the movie correlated with the dream that Carlos had. From saving the princess, James falling from the sky and saving the world.

I give this movie a 4 out of 5, mainly because nothing is perfect and a 5 out of 5 would be unrealistic "#LOL"