Patricia Disney is dead at 77

Disney is probably one of the biggest franchises to ever bless the world. From the simple and elegant drawings and animations of Mickey Mouse, Goofy etc, to a Billion dollar theme park and Television station. Disney is a name that is cherished by many worldwide.

That is why the death of  the oldest Disney relative, Patricia Disney came as quite a shock. She was once the wife of Walt Disney's late nephew Roy E Disney, who died in 2009. She died after struggling for years with Alzheimer's disease for years, surrounded by her four children.

"I didn't even know that there were actually living Disneys still, I wonder if they are talented like Walt Disney...hmmmmmm"

She was a loved woman and engaged in many charitable events, since she was obviously very rich.  At this very moment No Disney relative runs the day to day affairs of  the Walt Disney Company. That is done by Bob Iger, the President and CEO of the Mega Corporation. He expressed his condolences to the Disney relative in this statement

 "Her passing marks a sad milestone for the Disney family, and we will always remember her irrepressible spirit and dedication to our company," Iger said. "Patty was known for her kindness, outgoing nature and especially for her philanthropy, and will be missed by all who knew her."

Her legacy still lives on in her four children  Roy Patrick Disney, Susan Disney Lord, Abigail Disney and Timothy Disney, and 17 grandchildren