Crime Watch Recap: Gunmen rob Blue Label Men's wear in La Romain, Shelly Amanda Pamponette chopped to death and Homemade guns found in La Horquetta

If you watched Ian Alleyne's Crime Watch today you should be soaking wet by now, because there was so much wetting that not even your umbrella sheltered the amount that was dished out.

"How dare you say that was stale, I worked hard on that joke :( #lol"

Anyway let's get started, remember that no criminal elements will be disclosed on Bloggers inc, because Bloggers inc is not a police station. Do not report crimes or leave any criminal details here. Thank you.

Firstly Mr. Alleyne discovered a home made gun in Phase 4 La Horquetta. To be precise it was a shotgun. Now that news was a bit scary, because it revealed another threat to plague the country, but it was also innovative. Innovative for the wrong reasons but innovative nevertheless. The finding provides evidence that the Criminals in Trinidad have talent, but are using it for evil purposes. It is obvious that the person who made the gun has a lot of skill in his craft and has the potential to be become a well rounded citizen of Trinidad and Tobago


"They are practically making guns as if it's bread"

The journey to La Horquetta by Mr. Alleyne was a bit tedious as the security vehicle got stuck in mud, but his stay there was still warm as he met the "Powder Puff Posse" A group of citizens that carry the trademark salt fish swag. In the events that occured, I must admit that Mr. Alleyne has quite a following in La Horquetta as he even had the priviledge of meeting the MC


I will now commence the saddest story of the day. A teenager by the name of Shelly Ann Amanda Pamponette was chopped to death in Peter's Avenue near Valencia. Her mother visited the set, and listening to her talk, almost brought me to tears, as she described the situation. It seems that people no longer respect the gift of life. They treat it like if it's nothing, and has no worth.

Shelly ann was 17 years of age, and she was quite the attractive one. Sadly she had to leave the world so soon.  However my question is, what is the motive behind the killing? Was it man problems or something? An ex? These questions have been left unanswered, but in the famous words of Ian Alleyne,

"Doh Hawt your head"

Also a group of folks robbed Blue Label's Men's wear store in La Romain. Mr. Alleyne has pictures of the folks and I will like to believe that it is only a matter of time that they are caught and the justice is served on time. For now:

"God save our souls!"

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