Top 5 best "League of Legends" champions

I don't have a lot of games on my computer, but the one game I ensure to always have is League of Legends. As I have said in previous posts, I rate this game as one of the best Massive multiplayer game ever made for the PC. I have been playing the game long enough to be able to decipher the best champions of all time. So I decided to make a list for you guys of my five best League of Legends champions of all time. Hope you enjoy.

5. Teemo- The Swift Scout
"Gangster face"

Teemo may not be the strongest champion when it comes to defense, but when it's crunch time and the gank games begin, you will always love to have a few of those shrooms spammed throughout the map. It helps when you just want to slow down that noob who tries to get away with that annoying flash, or the noob that has ghost. It always comes in handy, when you know where to put it. He's also probably the most popular champ there is because many people just love Teemo. Teemo is also my most used champion and my all time best. I carry my own record with my AD(attack damage) Teemo with a whoping 32-2 (I think)

4. Xin Zhao- The Seneschal of Demacia
"I spare no one, but spear everyone"

I have never summoned a Xin, however I have played enough Xin Zhao's to know that he is a force to be reckoned with. No matter if you play Normal or Rank, Xin always dominates. His spear just seems to move at lightening speed and before you know it, you are on your way back home to respawn. His weakness is without a doubt champions like Shaco and LeBlanc, however don't let Xin catch you. The worst feeling ever while playing the game is getting ganked by a Xin Zhao. I think i'm still traumatized #lol

3. Veigar- The Tiny Master Of Evil
"Nobody move. You can't"

You might be shocked at the placement of this little dude. You might be saying to yourself, "What can that little thing do." Well in my experience, a lot. A smart veigar builds AP(ability power), and when his AP is high, it usually means good game for the opposing team. He has a combo that can send even the most tanked out champion back to the respawn zone in less than a few seconds. Event Horizon stuns, then dark matter drains more that 50% of any champions health when built, then to finish it off, a primordial burst or Baleful strike finishes the job. No time taken, and no one sees a thing. It happens so fast it's painless, and it usually takes a few seconds into the respawn time to actually realize what happened. Veigar gets thumbs up for being an overpowered Ability power champion.

2. Tryndamere- The Barbarian King
"Chop Chop.... PIECES!!!!"

If you have ever played against a Tryndamere or with a Tryndamere, you can be a testament to the fact that Tryndamere is an overpowered champ. The level of critical damage, critical chance and AD that this guy can conjure up is unheard of. His undying rage is a pest to opponents as he doesn't die for a few seconds and your health just quickly trickles down to nothingness.

1. Sion- The Undead Champion.
"Chop Chop.... PIECES!!!! TIMES 2"
This may lead to a bit of controversy as some people may not think that Sion is the best champion on League of Legends. But he is, well in my opinion. He is both a tank and an AD carry. His stun is extremely cheap, and when Sion hits you, it's out for the count. I noticed this after I played a match at the twisted treeline and our Morgana was AFK. So it was a 2v3, but my Teemo and a Sion came together and won the game by ownage. It was epic.

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