Santana the movie paves a way for film makers in Trinidad.

From my 19 years of being in Trinidad, I have never watched a "good" movie that was made in the country. This statement is not meant to insult any film makers in Trinidad, but to enlighten them on the high pressure of Hollywood competition.

It is obvious that a Trinidadian will prefer to spend money in the cinema to watch a good Hollywood movie, but will not pay a cent to watch a local Trinidad movie. Why is that? Is it because the standard of quality in local movies are nothing in comparison to international films? I think it is, because a low budget, and under quality movie in America is still much better than what we can make.

However, I am very proud today, to announce that Trinidad has made a film that not only has set a standard for Trinidad movies, but paved a way for future film makers. Lexo Tv has released Santana the movie. I perceive the event similar to that of the Americans landing on the moon, "One small step for Santana, one giant leap for local film makers"

I don't mean to compare Trinidad to America, but being exposed to so much America, kind of makes it impossible, so excuse me if I do. America to me has set standards that others should seek to beat, since they are usually the best in most things.


I really love what Lexo Tv has done, and I can't wait to go see it, "I need to find time.. sigh" They have inspired Trinidadian film makers to set out to make great movies, and make some money at the side. It's about time the Caribbean gets film independent. We are too dependent on American films, and if we keep up with it, we may just end up as smaller states in America.

I have also observed that a group of film makers are getting together and making another local movie , which I will not talk about right now, but soon.

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