Newt Gingrich promises a Moon Base in 2020.... #FAIL

Newt Gingrich seems to be attempting to use America's revenue to fulfill his childhood dream of taking commercial trips to the moon. It sounds cool, but I don't think it will matter to people if they can travel to the moon or not if the economy isn't functioning as it should.

Imagine the Billions of dollars to be spent on this project, which I believe will not generate much profit, but put the country of America in more debt. So Newt Gingrich should reconsider his promise, unless he has a full proof financial plan to go along with it. I know he's attempting to continue what John. F. Kennedy started, but there was a reason why it stopped. It was too expensive to continue, so putting the country's finances in his hands is like giving a credit card to a teenage girl, in a mall.

'I grew up with a romantic belief that space is our destiny.'
Gingrich said he wanted a competitive space programme based on 'prize money' incentives, with multiple launches possible at a time 'like an airport'.

I think Newt watches too much television, too much iCarly to be exact. It is a good idea, and I will love to see that happen, but is America in a position to do that? I don't think so. Instead he can spend that money on creating more jobs or investing in money making ventures. Think of the amount of energy to be wasted on this. Maybe he should find alternative energy sources first, because oil and gas are limited

I'm not against Newt Gingrich, but his ideas are a bit childish and different, which can be good, but he should seek the interest of the people and not himself. Make them happy on earth, before you send them to the moon.

So I label his idea as: