Ian Alleyne's Crime Watch recap- Three fishermen from Felicity go missing

"Iz wetting after wetting" everyday on Crime Watch. The country of Trinidad needs fixing, and is about time somebody stepped up to fix it, because we are going down a very bad road.

Lately three fishermen from Felicity went missing, and the most obvious suspects are pirates. The Fishermen were Kasinath Ramsaran, Ravi Ramsaran and Pream Squires.

Now i'm a bit perplexed about the whole situation. After listening to the family talk, it doesn't seem like they were in any troubles prior to the incident, which means that it may not be gang related. So therefore, they shouldn't be reasons for anyone to kill the three fishermen, unless, as Mr. Alleyne said, they saw something they weren't suppose to see. For example, illegal shipping of drugs or illegal coast guard activity. But how did they die? If they were shot, they should obviously be blood on the boat right? Also since there were three of them, the boat should be drenched in blood, unless the killing was done out of the boat.

So my guess is that they left the boat, and voyaged on land, only to meet bandits nearby who then shot them, robbed them and the boat and took off into the bushes. But I don't know, I wasn't there.