Humpty Dumpty- By: Angelo Duncan

I don't want another injury
I'm all caught up so please dont drop me,
I'm fragile, yea, call me an egg
But not even 14 girls could have put back this Humpty Dumpty.
Put me down gently 
Don't let me roll off the counter,
Cause a fall from that height is sure to make me splatter.
Don't try to fry me
Or make an omlet,
Scrabbling me would just make me upset.
Dont store me away 
Or even refridgerate,
That'll just slow down my love and heart rate.

Keep me warm
And a liltle cozy,
Probably someday I'll hatch into something worthy.
Listen to me heartbeat
I know it's slight through the shell,
But it'll keep you calm one day when you're going through hell.
I'll fight for you
If a love from me you're sighting,
For sure I'm not going to hatch into a chicken.
I'll protect you 
My aim and slogan,
For I'm destined to be a dragon.
I'm in love with you 
So please don't drop me,
I'm tired of being in this nusery (ryhme)
I'm tired of being Humpty Dumpty.

Can you put me back together?